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The New Craziness – Is It Right?

Life is an inescapable one way road in which starts in being conceived and ends in death. In between this ride we will have our ups and downs. Your ups could have made people admire you and your downs could lead to humiliation and degradation. When we live on this earth, it is our own choices and decisions that will be at question when we fail or success. Now, the success in life is noted and is measured in the terms of your successful investments, your properties, and similar things whose backbone will be money. You will be judged for the money you have. You reputation, the level to which your own status is seen; you powers and the name in the society, everything is bright by money.

People need money, to just survive on this planet. People have evolved into being too selfish beings on earth. At first they wanted just their race to survive than the other animals, birds and living beings. But later as science started to develop concerns about environment were studied. That helped people to understand that if they are being selfish and creating downfall of those living creatures, we are also going down.

At last, humans started attacking human beings. They started finding different ways to attack and loot them. Wars, battles and thefts are not a new information to people. People have started finding new jobs like accountants, financial advisor Parramatta, Insurance officers and employees in software companies.

Apart from these, there are jobs in media like actor, actress, directors, public resource team of a famous personality or just a person, assistant or help of these famous people. Though these jobs are insignificant to people with normal life making a living to make the ends meet.

So in the mist of these people, in hunger of power and making more money, they have started offering services like pension schemes, life insurance, health insurance and mortgage services. The pension schemes, life insurance policy and health policy are things that can be used by the person who is paying for those but mortgage services is a kind of different service. It is the type of service in which an amount of money or an item will be given or purchased from a loan shark or someone who gives money. People who get money from them should repay the money with an amount of interest. If the money is not paid back in given time. They will take away the object for which money was received or they will forced to remove the object which was the security of the loan.

This kind of service had wrecked so many people life and only a lucky few people was able to live a good life. Loans of any kind kills peace. If they have a good person who would give them right financial advises and choices will never end being broke.

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